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February, 2007

OK.. OK... I know that I've been lax in updating my web site... but I made daddy promise to do a better job in helping me keep this up to date so that everyone can follow my adventures.. which are quite many these days.

So where do I start? Well, first of all, happy 2007!! I'm now 2 and a half years old. It's amazing how fast the time flies. I love to talk all the time and I learn new words about every day. Our Nanny, Naomi is no longer with us and we miss her very much. She moved to the mountains of NC in order to pursue a career in Nursing, which I'm sure she will be excellent at doing.

I am signed up to start preschool in the fall and I'm really looking forward to it, even though dad says I won't be riding in those really cool school buses for a few years yet. Darn!

I love to run and dance and play with my toy cars! My other favorite thing to do is to help mom and dad in the kitchen. I have learned to break eggs, whisk batter and pour milk. I am trying really hard not to spill when I pour things and I'm getting good at it although he containers can be heavy some times.

The best places to go are to the BEACH with my Betts and MO II (Andrea's parents: Ed) and to COSTCO! We go to Costco about once a week and I LOVE tasting all the goodies they have available to sample. I also just love how HUGE the place is. Have you been to one? If not, you really should have your mommy and daddy take you there. It's awesome! Some days we just pretend to go to Costco... it's not as much fun, but good for a fix if you really can't get there.

Ok... remember to take a look at my brother Oakley's web site and my cousin Paisley as well.

September 27, 2006


Well, I turned 2 years hold just a few days ago. Man, we had an incredible party at my Aunt Rebecca's and Uncle John's house! It was just amazing  - there were balloons, and streamers, and fake noses and just too many cool things to mention. You can see some of the pictures for yourself.

I also got some amazing presents. The potato gun from Tyler is going to sit on the shelf for a little while - but the kitchen from my Aunt, Uncles, and others is getting a lot of use. I make eggs all the time... and I'm working with Dad on a few other things. You can see some good picts of the kitchen as well.

So, what else is going on? I'm learning to speak quite well and I repeat EVEYTHING I hear from anywhere. I am also learning to count to 10 and recognize the alphabet - at least a few of the letters.

I will see if I can't get Dad to post some video of me chatting so you can see for yourself...


July 18, 2006

Hey dudes. You just would not recognize me if you met me on the street these days. Let me tell you. I've been learning new words every day (sometimes several a day) and picking up behaviors from my dad (which I don't think mom is thrilled about) and other neat people in my life. Dad is teaching me a song that goes "Laid Back.. sippin on Gin and juice.. I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind." I'm not sure what it means but it's very cool (just like dad).

We spent the 4th of July at the beach house. I LOVE the beach. I was a bit nervous at first but after a day or two, I was charging in to the waves. I hung out a lot on the beach and played with the sand. It's not very tasty.

I would typically get up around 7:30.. grab dad and have some light breakfast and then it was off to the beach. Not to worry though, I wore lots of sun screen and a big hat.

Catch photos of my weekend.


June 3, 2006

Wow! It's been six months since I updated my web site. That's a very long time. I'm sure you are all wonder what I've been up to and eager to see some more recent photos. I've been so busy learning and doing things, that I've plum forgot to keep you all up to date.

So what's been going on? Well, I've learned to talk a bit. My favorite phrases are "Help please", "Up Please (when I want to be picked up)", "It's stuck", "I'll do it" and "Thank you". I've been running around and exploring the universe with my friends Sam and Elli who spend the week days with me at the house.

Mom and dad tell me I'm going to be a big brother any day now. I guess mom's belly is big because my little brother is in there "baking" and will be done soon and ready to come out. I'm not sure how the baby will come out of mommy but I know that they will bring him home from the hospital. I'm looking forward to being a big brother, but not sure that I want to share mommy and daddy's attention yet. New adventures all the time.

We were at the beach for the past 2 weekends which was AWESOME. You need to take a look at the photos of the new NC Aquarium. I guess it's not really new, but they have been renovating it since before I was born and just opened 2 weeks ago. Mom and Dad, MOE II, Betts, Chad, Mindy and Catie all went with me to see the amazing sea life. I loved it and can't wait to go back!


January 5, 2006

Hi everyone! I've experienced my second Christmas and New Years. Honestly, I really don't remember the first ones at all but this holiday was quite memorable. Santa came and brought me all kinds of fun toys, my favorites are the toy car and the very cool red wagons The best part of the holidays though are spending time with my family. Dad had the whole week off and we went to the beach with my Grandma Betts, Grandpa Mitch and Uncle Allen. I really love the beach. Dad and I spent some time looking at the tide come in from the deck and also watching the sea birds.

Oh! I need to tell you... I have taken my first steps (and my second and thirds too). I'm finally figuring out this whole walking thing. You know, it's not has hard as it looks. Now I can use two hands to reach up and play with all sorts of stuff my parents never thought I could. I think walking and running is going to be a lot of fun.

Last night we went to my Great Grandma and Pappa's. Uncle John and my Aunt Rebecca were there. I love spending time with them. Mom says that I might get to go to camp Walsh again in March. If I do, I will try and take some pictures to share with all of you. Camp Walsh is a blast. You should all go when you get a chance.

December 12, 2005

Now that it's nearly Christmas, I thought it would be a good time to get my Thanksgiving update done. We flew to Arizona to see my friends Jack, Meredith and their son Jake. Jack is in the border patrol and he told us great stories about trying to keep America safe from intruders. We had a lot of fun at their house.

 Take a look at the pictures of our trip to Sedona Az to see Dad's side of the family. We had a GREAT time. Sedona is a very special place as you can see from the photos. The area is very picturesque and Grammie and Pappo's house is just amazing with all the art work. If you are interested in seeing Pappo's art, you can click on this link (Skipfox.com). Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. I got a chance to play with my cousin Paisley, aunts and uncles and other (older) cousins. I was a bit sick from a cold my friend gave me as a Thanksgiving present but it was a very good time. Mom says that we will be hosting the party next year. That sounds like a lot of fun - to have everyone in our house for the holiday. I hope I can help cook and decorate the house. I will miss going to Sedona though.

I hope you all had lots to be thankful for this year. I know I do.


October 8, 2005

Well, there it is: My first year. I was 1 yr old on September 20th. I would say that it has been the best year of my life! Filled with so many interesting adventures. First, I was born - that was a big deal! Then I had to learn to sleep and eat and crawl and see the world... it's pretty amazing when you think about it. I am so grateful to every one that cares so much about me. It's amazingly cool to have parents, and grandparents, and uncles and aunts and cousins... Check out the pictures from my first birthday party.

Not too much is new besides the whole birthday thing. My nanny, Ashely (who I adored) has left to take a job in a medical lab before attending medschool next year. I can't blame her for wanting to get in to her chosen profession as soon as possible but I miss her. Mom and dad are interviewing a new nanny today who seems very nice. I look forward to meeting her. I will let you know how it works out.


September 1, 2005

Hi everyone!  So much is happening... Where do I begin? Well, for starters, I'm crawlin' like a mad man. Yup! That's right. I'm finally mobile and makin' up for lost time. What a difference it makes when you can really get around. I'm looking forward to that whole walking thing at some point, but in the mean time, not much slows me down. Let's see... I've also learned to dance and sing and talk a lot of gibberish.. lots and lots of gibberish. I understand the words, just not sure how to make them yet. I'm psyched for that though.

We've been spending lots of time at the beach with Betts and MO II. I love the beach and the water and the kiddie pool they have for me. It's big fun. Mom and dad take good care of me. They make sure I don't do anything to hurt myself too bad or eat anything still crawling around.

I will be a whole 1 year old soon. My birthday is September 20th. I hope you can all come to my party. I'm not exactly sure what the birthday party scene is like, but mom and dad seem very excited about it. I guess it's my first one. I hope the folks are excited about every one like this! I think they will be.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you all... Living in NC, we get to spend some time with my GREAT Grandparents. Now, I don't know how many of you got to spend any time with your parents grandparents, but it's quite special I assure you. They are such wonderful people and they love me very much - I can tell cause they make such a fuss whenever I go to visit. You can find some pics of us here.

Well, I guess that's about it. Be sure to check out the new photos and keep in touch.

July 4, 2005

My dad has been a real slacker in helping me keep my web site updated. I know he has been real busy with his work and finding us a new home in North Carolina, but he says now that we are more settled in both work and home, he will do a better job. You will all need to help me keep him honest :-)

Happy Independence Day!! Mom and Dad and Grandma Bets have been telling me all about the importance of today and what it means to live in America. I understand that we should all be grateful for our freedom even though our country is not perfect. I know that I will have lots of thoughts on this topic in the future. Right now, I'm just looking forward to the parade and FIREWORKS (I may also try a hot dog for the first time if Dad will let me).

We are down at the beach with the Oakley side of the family this weekend. I think I like the beach but I'm not quite sure about the ocean thing yet. It's neat to watch the waves come in but they are a bit scary. I've been to the pool and that's a bit more approachable. No waves and I can see more in to the water, which is comforting. I'm having a lot of fun playing with my cousin Catie and spending time with the rest of the group. I'm getting lots of attention, which I highly recommend any time you can get it.

I'm still not crawling, which mom and dad seem pretty cool about. They tell me there is no rush to start moving around the house and causing them any more concern. I am, however eating just about everything in sight (no surprise to most of you). Some of my favorite foods are blueberries, chow fun, meatloaf and pancakes (blueberry, without butter or even syrup). I also had a plain cheeseburger from Burger King on the way down to the beach. That was pretty damn good. I'm psyched to try lots of new foods.

So, we are in a new HOUSE!!! After looking in Raleigh for 4 months for the right home, we decided that Cary was the place for us. We found a lovely home with lots of space and very friendly neighbors. The girl across the street (Chelsea) has sat for me already and I really like her - though I was asleep the whole time. Mom and dad seem a lot happier now too. We are still getting settled in a bit and have some art to still hang on the walls but we are mostly unpacked and it's starting to feel like home.

Take a look at latest photos.

And a little movie of me.



April 9, 2005

Hello everyone! Sorry that's it been so long since I've updated my site. I know you have all been looking for new pictures and to find out what's happening with yours truly.  As you can imagine, there has been a lot going on with me and mom and dad. Mom bought dad a new camera for their anniversary and there are bunches of updated photos in the gallery.

The biggest news is that we've relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina!! Yep, that's right - we've left Minnesota for warmer climes and closer proximity to family and friends. We are currently living in a two bedroom apartment with Abby, my nanny who decided to join us in our migration south. The apartment is quite nice but we are eager to find a new home. It turns out that finding a house in Raleigh is a bit more difficult then mom and dad thought. We found one house that we liked but it turned out that the home had significant structural issues and we walked away last week. So we are on the hunt for a new home once again.

I've been up to quite a lot myself. I've gotten my first two TEETH! I've started to eat some solid food when mommy and dad will let me. I pretty much like everything so far. I was upset with mom and dad for withholding amazing things like PANCAKES and RICE and CRACKERS for my entire life, but I guess my little body was just ready for things like that yet.  I can't wait to try all the great cooking I smell dad whipping up most evenings. Not to mention Chinese food (especially dumplings and egg rolls) and sushi! In the meantime I am digging the pureed peas, squash and sweet potatoes.

On the mobility front, I'm not crawling yet... that just seems too difficult for my little (albeit pudgy) legs and arms. I can roll over like a champ but no real locomotion yet. Dad calls me Jimmy Dean because my legs look like sausages. In fact, many people mention my feet are the most pillow like appendages they have ever seen. I'm proud of that for the moment... but hope I burn off some of this baby fat at some point.

January 27, 2005

There is quite a lot happening around here. Most importantly, dad is trying to feed me some solid food. I've tried the rice cereal a couple of times and this whole spoon thing is quite odd. Why don't people just use their fingers - they are so much more efficient! 

Dad help me put up some photos of Catie and I cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs. I'm really not sure what the Bulldogs are exactly, but I know I like them.


Mom and Dad tell me that we are moving to North Carolina and I will be able to spend lots of time with Catie, Uncle Chad, Aunt Mindy and Grandma Betsy and Grandpa Mitch. That's pretty exciting! I think we are moving soon because there have been lots of strange people in the house asking questions about moving in here. I hope we find a cool house in North Carolina with lots of room for me to play and meet some friends. Dad says he is going to be working for a company called Red Hat. Funny name, but he seems quite psyched about it.

January 1, 2005

Happy New Year!!!

Can you believe that it's 2005 already? That's so cool. I've been quite busy lately - sorry for not updating my web site sooner. There has been a lot going on with my trip to NC after we got back from Grandma and Grandpa fox's for Thanksgiving. I also hit the 3 month mark on December 20! I've been developing quite a lot since then. I feel much more alert and, you know what, I've got FINGERS - in fact, I've got 10 of them!! They seem quite useful. I can grasp things like toys and people's shirts and other small objects. I can't wait to see what else they can do....

We celebrated something called Christmas at the end of December. It was a lot of fun and I got several presents from friends and family, but for the life of me, I can't remember what they were.

December 2, 2004

Mom and Dad have been keeping me too busy to update my web site. Sorry to all of you who have been looking for my latest adventures. Let me try to catch you up. Let's see..... I traveled to North Carolina to see my Grandma Betsy and Grandpa Mitch and to finally meet my Uncles Chad and Allen and my Aunt Mindy. I also got to meet my Cousin Catie! Man, she is cool. They tell me she is a few months older than me. I wonder if she will always be older than me. I love her already. We flew into Greensboro, where Grandma and Grandpa live (Uncle Chad and Aunt Mindy live there too - with Catie of course) and then drove to the beach. I don't remember very much about the flight or the drive, but they tell me it's quite long. I enjoy flying. Dad kept me in the Baby Bojurn the whole time and I felt safe and secure.

After North Carolina, we flew to Arizona for Thanksgiving. There I met for the first time my other Grandparents. Grandma Elaine and Grandpa Skip. I also met lots of other people they say are my relatives. I met Uncle David and Aunt Vickie. These are not my direct aunt and uncle, but rather dad's aunt and uncle which makes them my great aunt and uncle I guess. I also met cousin Steven, his wife Robin (also my cousin I guess) and cousin Elizabeth and Bob. I can't keep track of how I'm related to everyone. It's enough just to remember everyone's name for goodness sakes.

It's good to be back home in familiar surroundings.  I'm even sleeping better. Last night I slept from 10:00pm until 4:00am without waking up! I hope I can continue to sleep that long at a stretch, I don't mind waking up so much, but Mom and Dad sure seem to like to sleep at night. I hear that we will be leaving in a couple of weeks to go back to Greensboro for something called Christmas. I have no idea what that's all about, but mom and dad sure seem excited. Mom's been wrapping gifts (I hope one is for me) and singing really nice songs.

I will post more pictures soon. I just don't have them handy right now.

October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween!! Mom and Dad told me all about this cool holiday. They even dressed me up as a pumpkin but we didn't go trick or treating.
  They say I'm too young right now. My firstest ever Halloween costume is courtesy of my Aunt Rebecca. We did go to a neat event at the local free zoo called "Boo at the Zoo" where lots of kids and adults dressed up in friendly costumes.
You gotta check out this outfit my Aunt Rebecca also sent for Sunday football games.

October 24, 2004

I'm going to be 5 weeks old tomorrow and I'm growing like a rocket. I had my 1 month checkup last week and would you believe that I now weigh 12 and a half pounds! The doctor says I'm in the 95th percentile for weight (whatever that means). Mom and dad seem happy to see me growing so quickly. Take a look at this recent picture:


I think I'm getting a bit pudgy but I suppose I will burn off the baby fat when I'm a little older. Right now it's my job to eat and sleep. 

I'm beginning to notice more of my surroundings. I can tell the difference between the outside and inside. Trees are really cool - especially this time of year when the leaves are brightly colored. I also really like the artwork in the house. I find myself drawn to the big painting above mom and dad's bed as well as the black and white print from Baskin.  I'm going to need to add "art" to my list of interests.

Mom says that we are planning to travel in November and December. I will finally get to fly in a plane. We are going to NC to visit Grandma and Grandpa Oakley, my Aunt Mindy and my Uncles Chad and Allen. I also get to meet my Cousin Catie for the first time - I'm PSYCHED for that. I also get to meet so many people that Mom has been telling me about. I hope you are one of them. Later in November we are going to Arizona to meet my other grandparents, other cousins and my Great Aunt Vicky and Uncle David.

Dad says that I also have a new cousin Paisley. My Aunt Sue and Uncle Stephen gave birth to a little girl 2 weeks ago. I understand that she was 7 weeks early but doing very well. You can check out her web site at www.paisleyfox.com.

I guess that's all for now. Please send me email when you get a moment. I LOVE getting messages from all my friends.

October 10, 2004

Tomorrow I will be 3 weeks old. I'm still getting used to being outside the womb but I'm catching on. Mom and dad are just terrific. They seem to tend to my every need. Dad started feeding me from a bottle this week and I really like that. As much as I enjoy milk direct from the source, it's nice to have dad feed me as well - really only thought mommies could do that. I'm guessing that dad can give mom a bit of a break now and then by feeding me as well. My vision seems to be improving just about every day. I can pick out some shapes and colors - especially red and green. There is this really cool mobile hanging above my crib that I can stare at for minutes on end. I still get very lonely after just 15 or 20 minutes when I'm not being held so I don't spend much time in the crib or anywhere for that matter other than the arms of my parents. I'm guessing that I will get over that.... eventually.

September 29, 2004
The last few days have been a real eye-opener for me - literally. I am starting to get used to this gig. I can recognize objects now and I'm pretty sure that I can tell my mom and dad from the postman. Mommy learned the hard way that her diet effects my tummy. We all went out for Ethiopian food a couple of nights ago and it did not sit well with my sensitive system. Mom says that dad is crazy for "neese" food. That's her term for anything ethnic, as in Japanese, Chinese, Thilandese, Ethiopianese, etc. Anyway, I think we are going to have to treat mommy's tummy  like mine for a few months until my digestive tract becomes more mature. Dad says that grandma Betsy is leaving tomorrow and I'm going to miss her. She takes care of me quite often. She is very much fun to snuggle with and she likes to read to me. I hope mommy can pick up the slack when grandma  Betsy goes home. Well, that's about it for now. I need to get back to eating and sleeping (and filling my diaper). 

September 24, 2004
I'm 4 days old today! We all got home from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon and since then, I've been getting used to my home and doing my best to recover from that whole birth experience. You probably don't remember it too well yourself, but trust me, it's pretty intense.

Mom and dad and Grandma Betsy have been wonderful. They really attend to my every need - I wonder if every day will be like this...  They've even started playing some classical music for me around the clock. I've decided that I like classical music. I will need to add this to my interests page.

Mom says we are going to the doctor today. I guess I need a quick check up and a weigh -in. I think I'm putting on weight pretty well, so I'm expecting a clean bill of health although I might have a bit of a cold - just some sneezing and congestion, nothing serious.

New Photos 9/29/04: Just click here for my photo gallery. Dad says he will continue to help me put more photos on these pages. He's the best!.  

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